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Seed: Customers Guaranteed

Grow Your Business with Our Proven Seed Program!

Struggling to attract new customers? Look no further than our innovative Seed Program, designed to guarantee a steady flow of new clients for your business.

This program takes a unique approach to customer acquisition, offering targeted advertising coupled with immediate value for your ideal customers.

Ready to watch your business blossom? Keep reading to learn how the Seed Program can help you achieve guaranteed customer growth!

Seed Explained

Run ads on various platforms

We will run ads for your business on various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. The ads will be targeted to your target market, with a deadline: “FREE $X Gift Cards to [Your Company Name].”

Redirect to a landing page

The target customer who will click on the ad will be redirected to a landing page. On the landing page, the customer will fill out a form to instantly receive their gift card via email.

Redeem gift card and provide feedback

The customer visits your business and redeems the gift card by presenting the code on their phone for scanning, ensuring genuine customer acquisition. After redemption, the customer receives a survey to share their feedback on their experience. This allows your business to improve services and gain valuable insights continuously.

Display data on a dashboard

All the data, including the number of gift cards sent and redeemed, survey responses, contacts added, ad clicks, and ad reach, are displayed on a user-friendly dashboard accessible to business owners anytime, anywhere.

How Does it Work?

The target customer or prospect clicks on the Google ad for “Get a FREE Visit to Select Paincare.”

The target customer is redirected to a landing page, such as [https://albedotproject.wixsite.com/seed-test-site](https://albedotproject.wixsite.com/seed-test-site).

After filling out the form on the landing page, the target customer will automatically receive an email with their gift card for their free visit. 

After one week, the customer will receive a survey about their experience at Select Paincare.

You, the business owner, will have access to a client-facing dashboard where you can see the statistics on the gift cards sent, the number of gift cards used, survey feedback, contacts added, total clicks, and total reach on the ad.